Snacks and sweets

A learning curve or obstacle course, I am not sure which.

I started at Bookers in Chichester not having the fainest idea about what sells and what does not. So I picked out half a dozen random boxes of chocolate bars being twenty four of this and thirty six of that.

But the one thing they all had in common was that they come with a recommended retail price at sixty pence each and very slim margins

Didn’t fare much better when it came to the potato crisps either. Three boxes of Walkers grab bags pre-priced at a pound each with a best by date that comes around all too quickly for a small cafe . I also opted for Kettle chips. A box each  for Salted, Salt & Vinegar and Cheese & Onion. Smaller packets but the same pricing constraints.

Then just to add salt to the wounds I figure out that I can by those snack bars in smaller quantities at the Tesco Extra and slightly cheaper. I guess the way the market has developed the lines between wholesale, suppliers, distributors and retail outlets has blurred.

Next are the individually wrapped and packed snack bars. All butter flapjacks, shortbread fingers, tiffins and rocky roads. As well as hermatically sealed and sanitised soft cookies, cup cakes , muffins, carrot cake, cherry and almond slice and a rich. Belgian chocolate cake.

All most convenient but I am convinced that they glow when one turns the light out and I miss what should be homecooked and local.

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