The Crazy Baker

Home caterers Knysna

Anyone who knows Beryl’s baking will know just how great these crunchies and vanilla biscuits taste….yummy!!!! She is starting to bake to order under the “Crazy Baker” brand. If you would like to taste the best crunchies in the Southern Cape send her an order on with what you want to order….and she will get back to you with the price

Fire Extinguishers

We are back at the Friday Market and I still haven’t bought that fire extinguisher I should have bought long ago. It’s the one thing you don’t want to overlook. There is no second chance. You don’t have time to stop to think about that Must Do list when it is needed. But part of the problem I have, is the fact that I draw a blank with a search on Google for fire extinguishers Knysna. But I have now been advised to try Turf & Trees and I am going to see if we can’t get them to make more use the net, Google and the projects we are running.

Wicked Waffles

Waffle suppliers the Garden Route
Traditional Belgian waffles
Like many successful local food businesses the Wicked Waffle had simple beginnings at Knysna’s Friday Market. This after Gino Adriaensen sold his restaurant but not his passion for waffles. He imported an old fashioned gas waffle machine out of a Bakers museum in Belgium and recreated the traditional Belgian waffle recipe. They now supply three different varieties of traditional waffles that are tastier and healthier than the store bought products found in local shops.
They are distributed through franchisees working from home, to restaurants as well as direct to the public at markets and events. Gino replicated and now supplies the original gas waffle machine so that all franchisee’s produce waffles of excellent quality.

Start Ups

Who do you contact? It’s tough starting up a catering business in  the Garden Route if you are starting from  scratch. We learnt the hard way. And that is why I have started this site.