Veronica Rwafa

Curriculum Vitae for VERONICA RWAFA



Personal Information


Name & Surname:                                           VERONICA RWAFA

Date of Birth:                                                    24 September 1984

Marital Status:                                                  Married

Gender:                                                               Female

Cell phone number:                                        073 452 9539


Nationality:                                                         Zimbabwean

Passport Number:                                           CN303637

Current Residence:                                         820 Bongani, Knysna, Western Cape, South Africa



Employment History


Maureens coffee shop – September 2011 to feb 2013

Job title: – Waiter,Kitchen Assistant(-preparing food)  weekends only


Contactable Reference: –


Mrs  Maureen

Cell: 0833162238

Miss Debbie-Lee Godfrey – April 2012 to September 14

Job title                : House Keeper and babysitying


Contactable References

Miss Debbie-Lee Godfrey



Amwa Wholesale – Jan 2012 to April 2012

Job title: – General Worker



Contactable Reference: –


*      Solly and Lindy Levy

Company Liquidated, Owners relocated and changed contact details.


Novel Creations – September 2009 to Septermber 2011

Job title: – Artist


Contactable Reference: –


*      Mrs. Elna Bruwer

Cell: 0828750181


Personal Qualities

*      Fluency in English communication, both written and spoken.

*      Highly motivated, proactive and ability to use initiative.

*      Superior client service.

*      Results-driven.


Academic Qualifications


Matriculated 2001


Globe and Phoenix College





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