Abram Tawanda Makwari

Personal information


Names               Tawanda Abram

Surname             Makwari  

Nationality           Zimbabwe

Passport             DN 249706

ID                   22- 202200 A 22

Age                  32

Hobbies and sport    Church and soccer

Criminal record       Nil

Work permit          Valid

Contact number       0717484929

Email                 abramtaku@gmail.com



Magudu secondary school Zimbabwe

Ordinary level (matric) 1999


Employment History


Tarafern Cotton Company Zim 2000-2003. Buyer. Buying cotton from farmers


Triangle Sugar Company Zim 2003-2007. Packing sugar


Just hire it Knysna 2007-2012. Stores clerk

Gas jac Knysna 2012-present. Installation service and repairs or all gas appliances


Francois Prinsloo Just hire      072 928 4883

Zilhobile Ncadi Gas Jack        072 898 1160

Phillip Just hire                082 755 5370


I have attended a waitron training school specializing in fine dining,  wines, alcohol, cuisine,  upselling techniques, general restaurant terms/jargon and service procedures. For further info, please contact Rick Keegan @ Catering Contacts, 0798484208.

See my online references at Work in Knysna


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